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주제: Uber will test its flying taxis in Melbourne 우버 택시 배행기 시험 운행장소 지정

source : … melbourne/

Uber has chosen the third test city to join Dallas and Los Angeles for its flying taxi trials: Melbourne, Australia.

plans to start testing UberAir's electric vertical-take-off-and-landing vehicles in 2020

take passengers from one of the Westfield shopping centers to the city's main international airport

Uber is currently working with a number of companies to design its flying vehicles

working with NASA to create an air traffic control system

우버가 택시 비행기 서비스 시험 운행을 오는 2020년부터 시작한다.

현재 택시 비행기를 개발하기 위해 여러 기업과 연락중이며, 차량 통제를 위헤 NASA와도 협업을 하고 있다고 한다.


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