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주제: 종단 저항 Termination resistor

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The recommended arrangement of the wires is as a connected series of point-to-point (multidropped) nodes, i.e. a line or bus, not a star, ring, or multiply connected network.
Ideally, the two ends of the cable will have a termination resistor connected across the two wires. Without termination resistors, reflections of fast driver edges can cause multiple data edges that can cause data corruption. Termination resistors also reduce electrical noise sensitivity due to the lower impedance, and bias resistors (see below) are required. The value of each termination resistor should be equal to the cable characteristic impedance (typically, 120 ohms for twisted pairs).

Star and ring topologies are not recommended because of signal reflections or excessively low or high termination impedance. If a star configuration is unavoidable special EIA-485 star/hub repeaters are available which bidirectionally listen for data on each span and then retransmit the data onto all other spans.

통신선의 연결은 병렬로 하되 직선형 네트워크 방식이 좋습니다.  별, 원형, 다수의 복잡한 네트워크 형식은 가능한 배제하십시요.  양단끝에 종단저항을 부착하십시요.  종단저항을 미적용시 데이터 오류가 발생할 수 있습니다.  종단저항은 임피던스를 낮추어 주어 통신선의 외부 노이즈 간섭 차단에 도움을 줍니다.  종단저항의 크기는 케이블의 임피던스와 동일하게 맞춰줍니다.  (통상, 꼬인 선은 120옴)


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