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주제: [ ZEBRA ] Resolving Print Quality Issues 제브라 바코드프린터 인쇄 불량 해결 방법(영어)

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•Light print
•Faded image
•Partially missing print
•Broken bars or lines in a barcode

•Adjusting the quality of the printed image
•Adjusting the printhead pressure
•Setting the print darkness

Adjusting printer darkness - set through the printer's LCD display and Zebra Setup Utility.
The darkness level can be set directly on the printer, through the printer's LCD.   The Zebra Setup Utility can also be used to change the printer's darkness setting.

Print Head Cleaning
A dirty print head can result in poor heat transfer and a poorly printed image

Print Head Pressure
The print head pressure can affect the printed image quality.
•not printing evenly across the label - unbalanced print head pressure
•ribbon wrinkle - unbalanced or excessive print head pressure
•light print - too little pressure

Printhead pressure is adjustable to insure proper print quality and adequate pressure for the friction feeding of the media and ribbon. In addition, the adjustment allows even pressure distribution to prevent ribbon wrinkle and media skewing. Refer to the figure below and rotate the Pressure Adjustment Dials(s & t) clockwise to increase the pressure or counterclockwise to decrease the pressure of the printhead against the ribbon and/or media.

The amount of pressure required varies from one application to the next and is determined by the type and thickness of the media as well as the media width. Ideally you want the pressure as even as possible across the width of the labels. As a rule, if using narrow media, you may need to reduce the pressure applied by the right hand dial to minimize the pressure over the unused printhead area.

Print Speed - set through the printer's LCD display and Zebra Setup Utility.
The printer operates at the selected speed in terms of inches/mm per second.  Because print quality is effected by print speed, media, ribbon ( if thermal transfer ), and printer operating modes, it is important to run tests for your application to choose the optimal print speed setting.  Slowing down the print speed can also help if the print is too light.


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