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주제: What is BACnet? by BACnetHelp

Hello, my name is Christian Fortin, president of
Today I'm here to answer a simple, yet fundamental question: What is BACnet?

BACnet stands for: Building Automation and Control Network
- It is a standard for: - ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) - ANSI (American National Standards Institute) - ISO (international Organization for Standardization) BACnet provides interoperability among different vendor's
equipment. When controls are proprietary, the vendor devices can
only communicate with those of the same vendor. Thus building
owners are often trapped with the same vendor for any subsequent
upgrades. BACnet gives to the building owner a choice by giving a
common language to all devices. Without going too much in the details, you can view each BACnet
device as a collection of objects and properties (there's also
services, but we don't need to go this deep for now). So, objects and properties? For example, a simple thermostat could be seen as:
- The device object
- An analog input (room temperature)
- An analog value (temperature setpoint)
- A control loop
- An analog output

By specifying how each value is encoded, the BACnet protocol makes it
easy for different entities to query any devices to obtain useful


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